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Welcome to the True Survivor website!

The wilderness is a dangerous place, and the adventure of a lifetime can quickly turn into a survival situation.

Whether or not we will come out alive is largely determined by how prepared we are going in.

Being prepared goes beyond the kit that we're carrying. It also means the skills that we are equipped with.

The main elements we need to survive in the wild are water, fire, shelter and food. The importance of each one depends on the greatest threat that we are facing: Extreme cold. Extreme heat. Hypothermia. Dehydration. Starvation. Exposure... But if we have the skills to use these 4 principles of survival, we can overcome the harshest environments.

In the wilderness, there are many things that can threaten our life. In the same way, in the world we live in, there are many things that can threaten our souls.

True Survival looks beyond the wilderness...

We need to learn to survive spiritually. The world can be a far more dangerous place for our souls than the wilderness is for our bodies, and we need to learn how our faith can survive and flourish in it. If the elements for wilderness survival are water, fire, shelter & food, then these are the elements for true survival: The living water of prayer, the fire of God’s Mercy, the strong shelter of the Church, and our spiritual food which is the Eucharist...

Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” - John 10:10

We were created to know and to love God. We are truly alive when we know and love him. True Survival is about learning how to survive in the wild, and discovering how our faith can survive and flourish in our world.

This website's purpose is to try and pass on some of what gets taught, to those who can't get on the limited number of courses that we are able to run.

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Please keep the work that we are doing in your prayers. Pray that everything we do may be for the glory of God, and that we may always seek to build up His Kingdom by enkindling the fire of divine love in the hearts of all those we serve.

God bless you,

Will Hince

(Founder of True Survivor)